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Frequently Asked Questions


No deposit is required. Just dormitory fees. ( Longson Dormitory is the only dormitory in EMU campus which does not take any deposit from Students )

No. Dormitory has no Entry – Exit restrictions. Except Entrance to Female dormitory will require electronic ID or fingerprint access.

Yes, unlimited electricity and 24 hour cold and hot water are ıncluded in the fees.

Yes. Free internet is available in the dormitory. Either cable or WIFI internet can be chosen by the student.

Room are having twice a week cleaning services by room cleaning teams.

Bed change is served every forthnight.

Due to hygenic and safety matters rooms are not containing kitchens. But each floor is having a common kitchen containing 4 x 4  cookers,  an electrical owen, a microwave, 2 washing sinks, for each room a dish storage cupboard and a recording camera.

Yes. Between 08:00 - 17:00 hours 1 security personel and between 17:00 – 08:00 hours 2 security personnel are on duty. In addition 90 security cameras  are active and recording inside and oıutside the dormitory.

All rooms are designed as double with 2 beds but it can be used as a single room with substantial discount. Prices can be seen on the price list.

Telephone facilities are availbale in all rooms. Internal room  numbers can be reached by any type of external calls locally or internationally. Calls within dormitory and EMU campus are free of charge.

Breakfast is available between 07:00 – 01:00 serving breakfast plate, toasts, fresh bakery products at dormitory’s own Hunter’ Cafe and ala-cart fresh meals in dormitory’s own Espresso Restaurant between 09:00 – 00:00 hours. Menus for both Cafe and Restaurant can be seen in the Gallery pages.

Yes. Longson Dormitory is in the Dormitory Sector of Campus and within proximity to faculties. You can easily monitor Longson Dormitory positon from “Contacts”.

Yes. Services by a Bus Stop nearby Longson Dormitory is available all day. Services within campus and to city center is free of charge. 

For transportation service details you can visit:

Yes. Male and female block are seperate.